​"Coming together

is a beginning; keeping together is progress;

​working together

is success."

Henry Ford

Our Mission

Our Vision

CS Title Of Indy will be the company of choice of leaders in the real estate industry.  We will be known for exceptional customer service, professionalism and uncompromising ethics.  Our work will be of such quality to materially contribute to our customer success.  Committed to a valued system, grounded in personal and business ethics, responsibilities will extend to our relationship with our employees and our community.​

 Leader of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Real Estate Community

     Our title company's main purpose is to conduct title searches and issue title insurance when real estate is formally sold.  Mortgage lenders require title insurance before issuing funds to property borrowers.  The property's title must be deemed free of defects to receive title insurance.  Our title company does the title search necessary to declare a title defect-free, for insurance purposes.  As a further service, our title company will have its agent actually conduct the property closing.

    Title companies also act as closing agents when real estate changes hands.  When a real estate transaction closes, our title company will close out or transfer any escrow accounts.  Title companies also gather signatures for all closing documents such as deeds, mortgage loans and the like.  Additionally, a title company's closing agent handles all funds to be collected or disbursed at a real estate closing.  Our title company closing agents will work to ensure smooth real estate closings.

     At CS Title of Indy, we believe that true success is about more than growing our real estate portfolio; this top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to a wide variety of local charitable causes that benefit diverse populations.

Giving back

CS Title of Indy

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